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Unlocking more than Potential

by measuring, managing, and monitoring social capital

Impact evaluation

Impact evaluation

Using social capital as a metric to produce robust, credible evidence on performance and whether desired outcome have been achieved

Impact management

Impact management

Using U>P evaluation results to better manage and focus resources to deliver objectives and improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness of interventions

Improved outcomes

Improved outcomes

Impact evaluation and management of results delivering increased outcomes more cost effectively and long-term

U>P | Consistent and Robust Approach

Capture social impact data and meaningful information which is articulated.

Identify & evidence outcomes and long-term impacts activities are having on the strengths of local networks.

Enable understanding of the impact of activities and interventions based on information gathered.

Map & measure stakeholders, networks and social capital elements clearly graphically and numerically.

Demonstrate & report effectively on social impact and positive outcomes in a relatively short space of time.

Take stock & adapt actions where necessary to drive decision-making around programme design and delivery.

U>P | Delivering Data

Trust, Visualisation, Social Networks

U>P captures and analyses complex, often intangible data allowing to track history and current network relationships whilst also helping to save time and resources.

Bonding connections created
Bridging connections created
Linking connections created

Social Network Analysis

Maps individual as well as aggregated relationships of individuals identifying the quality and quantity of their connections based on social capital.

Social Network Analysis

Social Capital Compass™

Scores past, current and future intended social capital visually to help you better understand the different areas of the social capital elements.

U>P can help you unlock the potential you need to deliver the difference you want to see.

U>P | Pricing

30-Day Trial

Enables use of the main feature of the Social Capital Compass™ and the Social Network Analysis tools. Learn more


  • 1 project
  • 5 interviewees per project
  • including final electronic report
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U>P licence

Covers access to both the Social Network Analysis and Social Capital Compass™ tools. Learn more

£1000 per year

  • up to 3 projects
  • up to 20 interviewees per project
  • including unlimited printable reports
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What is social capital?

Social capital could be thought of as the operating platform for any community; place, practice or profession.

Social capital is the network of relationships which exist in any given group or community. The quantity and quality of these relationships provide the basis for the group's opportunities to collaborate effectively for mutually beneficial outcomes. However, as an intangible asset social capital is often overlooked and therefore left untapped as a valuable asset and unused as a strategic tool.

As an intangible asset social capital is often overlooked when it comes to measuring, monitoring and managing social change. However, it is nonetheless a critical factor in all we do. A common expression which highlights the importance of social capital is

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.